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We are a leading company for shifting your home from one place to another. We, at packers and movers, assure you of the secure storage of your belongings. No matter if you are going to store household items, business things, or student belongings, we have got a safe self storage in Dubai and sound storage place for you.

Our team will help you with simple and easy storage of your things in our secure rooms. Your stuff will be safe with us, even for weeks, at a very affordable price. We are known as the best self storage Dubai storage unit, offering exceptional services.

  • 100% Reliable
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Round The Clock Availability
  • Highly Affordable


Self Storage Dubai Of Personal Belongings

We do the self storage Dubai of your belongings in a very secure and effective manner. We understand the importance of each and everything thus giving you complete surety about their safe storage.

Routine and medical care

Excellence in Healthcare every

Building a healthy environment.

Storage of Your Business Things

We provide you with smart storage units for your business things. Along with that, we take the complete guarantee of the security of your things.

Make Self-Storage Easy

Our trained staff will help you out with the easy storage of your belongings and will give you the exact space that you need to store your items.


Although we are light on your budget, we will still try to accommodate our services according to your budget.

Book Your Unit

You can do the pre-booking of your storage units Dubai with us.

24/7 Availability

We make ourselves available to confirm your bookings.

Most Trusted Self Storage Dubai Company


Working for so many years, we now stand as the top-class personal storage Dubai company. You can totally rely on us for the security of your belongings.


Storage Units
In Dubai


Responsible Staff



Contact our experts anytime to get your questions answered or for any guidelines.

Burden Off Your Shoulders
With Self Storage Dubai

You no longer need to be concerned about the safe storage of your personal items while local moving or about extra space because we have cheap self storage Dubai units.

Self Storage in Dubai


How Do We Secure the Storage Of Your Personal Items?

  • Make a list of your belongings, i.e. house papers, etc.
  • Let you choose the locker of your choice.
  • Provide you with a locker in which you can easily store your belongings.
  • Provide you with a key (access code) to that locker.
  • Let you check the locker whenever you want to.
  • Provide you with a box (in the case of more items).
  • Allow you to put things in boxes on your own (with the assistance of our staff).
  • Assemble the boxes in the proper lockable storage room.


How Do We Carry Out The Storage Of Household Items?

  • Check and prepare the list of your things.
  • Store everything properly in the boxes.
  • Assemble the boxes and get them taped.
  • Label the boxes with names according to the things in them.
  • Find a proper storage unit for your things.
  • Place the boxes in the storage room carefully.
  • Storage for your stuff for two weeks at discounted rates.
  • Provide you with the key (access code) to that unit.

Low Prices

We are the best storage rental Dubai you will find at a low cost.

No Time Limit

You can gain access to our short-term storage Dubai units or long-term storage Dubai units accordingly.

We Offer Astounding Services In the Entire UAE

We are a top-notch cheap storage Dubai company and provide our customers with some astounding services in all areas of Dubai.

Branches in almost every area.

Assist you in the storage process.

Take complete responsibility for your items after storage.

100% customer satisfaction.

Available for pre-booking orders as well.

Safe and sound storage space.

Reasonable Rates

Professional staff members.

We’re Trusted By More Than 4500 Clients

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Contact Us For the Safe Storage

We are one of the best self storage company in Dubai that facilitates you in every way at a cheap price. We have a complete team of trained workers in every branch. Our priority is to get our customers completely satisfied. We do the affordable and flexible storage of your belongings. Also, you can hire our team to move the stuff from your place to our unit and then move it to your desired location whenever you want to. We provide the exact services that you need for your convenience.

Yes, we have units in almost every area of Dubai.

Of course, we allow you to visit our units to get an idea of how your stuff will be stored.

We ensure complete security by providing you with an access code only you know about.

Our units are extremely affordable and 100% reliable, yet we offer some discounts to our customers.


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