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International Movers in Dubai

Imove Global International Movers Dubai is the most renowned name in international moving in Dubai. We are International Movers in Dubai well known among Dubai Movers. We have been helping households and corporate move from Dubai to various global locations. Whether it is moving to or from any locations, moving your household items, corporate relocation or moving your IT equipment – we do it all.

At Imove Global packers and movers in Dubai, we thoroughly understand that moving to a new destination can be both challenging and a draining task for you. It leaves you with lots of concerns and worries.

We international movers in Dubai have a dedicated team well experienced in handling international relocation. Our executive are well trained to handle paperwork and customs related formalities flawlessly. We have a dedicated team to handle household moving in Dubai, moving your office and moving IT equipments in Dubai.

We ensure the safety of your goods through specialized packing materials. Our packing materials are designed in a way that it can take care of sophisticated packing needed for your valuable goods and secure storing. Our trucks and containers are customized to ensure transport with care around every corner of Dubai and UAE. Our large warehouses allows storage of your goods, if required.

We have wide experience in international transport routes and methods which allows us to get you the most economic and reliable moving services in UAE and guarantees on time delivery. Our reliability has earned us the reputation of being the most preferred moving services from Dubai to all the major cities across world.

Types of Moving undertaken by Imove Global International Movers for Dubai
Local Movers in Dubai Moving Locally in Dubai
We help you pack and move locally anywhere in Dubai at the best rates. If you are resident of Dubai you might have to relocate your house in every three year. Shifting to a new place is a lengthy and painful task, we make it easier for you and your family.

Office Movers in Dubai Office Moving in Dubai
Dubai is one of the most dense corporate office center in the world. Getting a new office over there is proof of your growth and it should be enjoyable and celebrating moment, but shifting all your furniture and Equipment safely is tricky. Our professional movers in Dubai dose it without any headache on you.

Movers Dubai International Moving From Dubai
Relocating from Dubai to another country includes lots of preparations. We take care of the hard part so you can concentrate on other important things. We do packing of your things and digital equipment carefully and deliver them at your place in shortest time span.

Trusted Movers Dubai International Moving To Dubai
Everyone faces various kinds of problems, on their first visit to Dubai. Coping with weather, social culture, laws, language, finding right place. We make it easy as much it can be for yourself.

Office Packers and Movers in Dubai International Office Moving From Dubai
Relocating office from Dubai or setting up new office to other countries, we can help you with dealing with all formalities and delivering to your place. We have wide network of air, sea and by road transportation.

Packers and Movers in Dubai International Office Moving To Dubai
Setting up office in Dubai needs lots of preparation, from paperwork to setting up your team, we take care of moving all your office stuffs so you can relax and focus on your real job.

Movers and Packers Dubai IT Equipment Moving From Dubai
Moving electronics and digital equipment needs careful packing and transportation so that you get what you have no matter where you go.

Moving and packing IT Equipment in Dubai IT Equipment Moving To Dubai
Relocating IT Equipment is little tricky, as they can damage on mild pressure. Packing it equipment carefully and transporting it safely is our one of the quality that stand us out from the crowed.

International Move Management in Dubai
Our International Movers and Packers from Dubai ensures end to end services starting from pre move survey, detailed estimate, providing personalized suggestions, insuring your goods to selecting the best move option suitable for your budget. We also take care of paper work and customs formalities.

Moving and Packing management in Dubai

International Moving in Dubai via Air

We assure the best transit times and move management through air route when you move your goods international. It is suitable for goods that are essential for you at your arrival on destination.

Cheap Movers in Dubai

We ensure that you get the most economical deal with our extended network of freight carriers across different locations. It is suitable for items which are in bulk quantity or high volume.

Domestic Movers Dubai

We provide you with the most economical and cheapest roadways deal with our extended network of carriers.

mportant points to consider while moving to and from Dubai
Customs formalities
You should be well aware of paperwork and customs formalities that needs to be met while entering and leaving Dubai. A small flaw from your end can turn out to be an unpleasant experience. An experienced international packers and movers can help you meet all the required formalities with ease of an expert.

Safety of your goods
Safety of your goods is of prime concern when you are relocating. Your goods should be in perfect working condition when they land your destination. Sophisticated packing of valuable goods, secure storing and careful transportation of goods ensures safety of your stuffs.

Make sure you insure your stuffs to meet any unforeseen events.

On time delivery of goods
When you are settling down it becomes important that your stuffs reach on time so that you can start setting up new place. Make sure you choose from a reliable global player to avoid any delay.

Local laws and customs
While moving to Dubai it is necessary that you are aware of the local laws to avoid any unwanted troubles. E.g.: Some medicines are banned in UAE and if you bring them in you can end up in trouble with law. While moving to Dubai you should be aware of certain local customs. E.g.: Though UAE is an Islamic country it welcomes all religions. But you should be aware of dos and don’ts during Ramzan to avoid any unpleasant experience. A global mover can guide you to avoid such situations.

Points to consider while moving from India to Dubai for the first time
Moving from home where your heart is, can be both challenging and draining. A proper planning can bring down the difficulties involved in relocation. We at Imove Global suggest you to consider the following points if you are moving from India to Dubai for the first time.

Moving from India to Dubai, International Movers Dubai
Rent/Sell your house: Make arrangements to rent/sell your house in India. Pay details to any repairs to be made and get it done by professional service before placing it in market as this can earn you some extra bucks.

Schooling for children: Select the best schools by online research and opinions from relatives/friends at destination. Also keep the school year in mind so that your children can adjust easily to the new place.

Arrange for a temporary stay: Arrange for a temporary stay at destination city so that your family is comfortable while you search for a permanent stay.

Job for spouse: Try to find a job for your spouse through your contacts or job portals.

Pack stuffs which are not frequently used: Start packing stuffs that are not used frequently so that you can organize things better.

Keeping your family prepared for cultural differences: Be prepared for cultural differences. Keep your family especially children prepared for this emotional change.

Choosing reliable and experienced packers and movers: Once you have finalized to make a move you should select most reliable and experienced packers and movers with an international exposure to make your move smooth. This will also make sure that your goods are delivered securely on time.

Adapting and keeping a positive attitude: Nothing can be more soothing than being at home. But sometimes you have to relocate for various professional and personal reasons. This transition time can be emotionally challenging. When you are moving from India the most important thing is to adapt to the new place by keeping a positive attitude.

Knowing the local rules and regulations: While certain things are legal in India, it may be different in Dubai. You should be aware of local rules and regulations to avoid any unpleasant experience.

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